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  • 2023: Year in Review

    Last year, I started writing year-end reviews to look back upon the past year and reflect on what has happened. I thought I might as well continue to do the same this year.

    In January, I decided to finally create that stratum 1 NTP server that I had wanted ever since I heard about people doing it with Raspberry Pis. Instead of using Pis though, I ended up doing the ancient (but superior) approach of using a serial port. Along the way, I ran into various issues, but that tale is told in its own blog post.

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  • 2022: Year in Review

    2022 was certainly an interesting year. While the world events were rather depressing, we are not here to talk about them. Instead, let us explore what I did this year—if just to help me remember it years down the line.

    In January, I ended up messing around with my domains. I wrote about this in a previous blog post, but here’s a summary: To improve email delivery, I moved this website from to Furthermore, I saw was open for registration, and registered it to use as my URL shortener. While switching to was a relatively straightforward procedure, registering at a rather steep price of €32/year would bring about a rather interesting sequence of events, as we shall see later.

    I also talked earlier about my globally distributed backend, which in January consisted of three nodes: Montréal, Amsterdam, and Sydney. By the end of the year, this would change significantly.

    In February, I implemented my own version of the French Republican Calendar for fun, which spawned a whole series of posts on the subject. At the end of the month, AMD dropped the retail price of the Ryzen 9 5950X, at which point I impulsively bought one to replace my 3900X, which would have some interesting consequences.

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